Yesterday I spent sometime updating my website:


One of the big things that I did was reorganize the menu at the top of the page. I’ve removed the Weekly Inspiration feature. It wasn’t really working with the site the way I wanted it to and I think it would work better as a blog feature anyway. I also reorganized the menu items so that my hand sewing and embroidery projects are now under the clothing section.

New additions:

On the A&S 50 page I’ve added links to all the projects I could. I’ve also added two new modules: one displaying my 3 most recent blog posts and one listing the projects I plan to accomplish during my PerCoFiMo.


As I mentioned in an earlier article I have be thinking about declaring a personal costume finishing month to help motivate me to finish up several sewing projects that had been on the back burner. We’ll I’ve decided that November with be that month and I’ll be keeping a list on my website of the projects I’ll be working on which ones have or have not been finished. While I won’t be able to finish my jacket in one month I do think I can finish the sleeve I’m currently working on and all the gores. I may even be able to make some good progress on the second sleeve which would be awesome. (The monthly status post for the jacket project will, of course, be coming on the 31st.)

Tonight I’ll be working on the next Silver installment. It should be up this evening or tomorrow.

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