Jacket Sleeve (10 hours embroidered)

Jacket Sleeve (10 hours embroidered)

Since I posted pictures of my jacket on the 21st I haven’t really talked more about it. As we are at the end of the month I wanted to post an update of the progress so far. Sadly, it’s not as much as I would have liked. This month has been really busy. In fact I didn’t have time to work on the jacket at all last week and we are still at 10 hours embroidered. The good news is I no longer have to postpone working on it until after October. Sadly though I have not kept to my schedule of embroidering 10 hrs a week. I need to get back on schedule in October and stop putting off my embroidery to the weekends. I know I can only work on it for 2-3 hours at a time right now so putting off all 10 hours for the week to the weekend means that I only get 4-6 hours done a week instead of the full 10. So that’s kinda where things stand with this project.

I haven’t started anything else but if I can get to the point were I’m getting all my embroidery done during the week I may work on finishing some old projects on the weekends. I have a green linen gothic fitted gown that I started a year and a half ago that I’d like to finish. It needs to be taken in a bit but that would be very easy at this stage. I also have a black wool hood that I started last year that would be really nice to have this winter. And then there’s all the mending I need to do. Finishing old projects isn’t the same as starting new ones but it’s something we all always intend to do but never seem to get to. In December of 2006 a group of people on LJ started National Costume Finishing Month (a spin off of National Novel Writing Month). In 2006 the NaCoFiMo ran from December to January but it’s been a lot more variable since then. Maybe I should hold my own personal NaCoFiMo this fall.

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