Ahh.  The promised fighting post for Midnight at the Oasis.  To be quite honest I probably should have written it Sunday.  Everything is fresher in you mind closer to the day of the event.  But I spent some time Sunday and Monday thinking about my fighting on Saturday so I feel good about my memory of the event. 

There’s an excellent write up on the scenarios over at Wistic’s Weekly Warfare so I won’t go into detail on them here.  I will say that I had a great time fighting in them.  I did alright in the bear pits at the beginning of the day.  I died some, I won some.  I was not as focused as I should have been but I was still able to take advantage of holes in my opponent’s defense.  I should have watched my range closer on Celric.  His lunge and his sword could cover more ground than I expected.  And he had this really annoying disengage around my dagger.  I’ll be working on a counter for that between now and Holiday Fair. 

Probably the thing I slacked off on the most was focus.  I wasn’t wandering off or anything but the serious fighting side of my mind pretty much shut down the moment I went “Ah, It’s a local melee event.  No biggie.”  To be quite honest I’m surprised I killed anyone.  

In the first pass of the castle scenario when my team was attacking Jackson and I were supposed to crunch the team in tower B (Chris and a scholar I didn’t know).  When they ran to fortify tower A with Percy, Jackson and I followed closing up the lower door.  Jackson died but I was able to take out the scholar with a shot to the head.  My first shot missed Chris, sliding past the left side of his neck, but I was able to bring the point back and redirect it onto his neck with a second shot.  I lost my leg but got the kill and our team won the first pass.  I died in the second pass when we were the defenders but occupied part of the other team long enough for several of my teammates to flank their line.  So it wasn’t a wasted death.  After the second scenario I had retainer duty so I missed the rest of the castle battles and the woods. 

After retaining I came back for pickups and pretty much fought until court.  The biggest frustration I had there was Celric’s disengage around my dagger.  Dude, it was really annoying!  So countering that is pretty much what I will be working on for the next several weeks.  It will be ready long before Holiday Fair. 

Overall it was a good day.  I had both my cadets on the field, I took away something I need to work on for myself, and I had a good time.  Working out is definitely helping so I need to keep it up.  It was hot and muggy but I still held up well and I was able to wear a pair of pants I made about 9 years ago.  The last time I was even able to get them on was a year and a half ago and there were really uncomfortable.  Saturday they fit fine.  Working out is definitely making a difference.  Another two inches off my waist and I should have no problem fitting into any of my garb anymore.


  1. Re: Celric’s disengage: above or below the dagger? If he’s attacking into prima, execute a false edge parry with your sword, close the line with your dagger, and bring your sword back in line with a riverso.

    Years of sharing a fighter practice. 🙂

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