I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking about my sewing and embroidery projects and very little time talking about my fighting. Truthfully since Golden Rose (which was in June, right?) I have seriously lacked inspiration. I’m still going to fighter practice most Thursdays and have even started trying to make it to Tuesday practices about every other week but I’m having trouble setting my next goal. And it’s not just my fighting. I’m having the same trouble with my work outs too. I’m more than a little suspicious that it’s related.

When I first started coming back out to practice seriously in February setting a goal was easy. Get my bum back out on the field. Knock off the rust that I had let accumulate as baroness. Then a couple of months later I was asked to join a team for Golden Rose and inspiration and a goal once again came pretty easy. I was in the gym regularly working on my cardio and endurance. I was at practice, focused and serious, every week. I took walks at lunch to acclimate myself as best I could to NC summers. And I felt like it paid off. I made a good showing. I noted improvements I wanted to make but I was not displeased with my performance.

Now I find myself having trouble setting my next training goal. I think part of it is that we have a lot of melee coming up in the next couple of months and I am just not as motivated by melee as I am by tournaments. I can’t let that distract me from my training though so I have to find a way around it. I’ve gone back and reread my notes from Golden Rose. I’ve looked back through my workout logs over the past. Right now I’m assessing where I am, where I want to go, what has given me the best results in the past, and what if anything I need to change about that to get the results I want for the future. While it would be easier to motivate myself with a tournament in the future that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to motivate myself without one. And before you all suggest it, Ymir is too far away to elicit those “OMG!!!!111!!! Must train now!!11!!elventy!!!” feelings. 🙂 That’s more of a November thing but I don’t want to be sitting on my bum between now and November losing the gains I have made just because I couldn’t get myself motivated.

So as I sit here and think about what goal I want to set next and how I’m going to accomplish it I’m curious to know how you all set your goals. What motivates you the most? It is the tournament? Melee? An individual that you are determined to beat? A personal ranking system?

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