It’s not often that I have a three day weekend all to myself so when those little opportunities come along I like to take full advantage of them. This weekend will be no exception. While it may sound indulgent I plan on spending my weekend doing all the things I love to do and never seem to have enough time for.

On my To Do List:

1) Go for at least one, maybe two, morning runs at the lake with one or both of my dogs. I won’t run at the lake in the morning because it’s dark and lately I’ve either not had time for a run in the evening or it’s been raining. Really looking forward to this one. I also need to do some thinking about where I want to go with my workouts because I’m just not feeling it right now. A nice run or two should help with that.

2) Spend an entire day embroidering on my jacket while watching bad movies. I have not be able to spend as much time as I would have liked on this project over the past couple of weeks so I’m setting aside a whole day for it this weekend. And what sewing isn’t made better when it’s done on the couch while watching those deliciously bad movies we all know we have. Pictures will have to wait until next week though.

3) Work on my gown for our anniversary party.

4) Take my lap top to a local park or coffee shop and write for a few hours. I have articles that need finishing!

5) Go to the kberg cookout. Sadly I missed the last one.

Definitely not on my To Do List:

1) I will not be doing any cleaning. The house is already pretty tidy and I want to enjoy all my time this weekend. I may do some laundry but that’s about it.

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