An earlier picture of my forehead cloth still in progress.

An earlier picture of my forehead cloth still in progress.

As I had posted last week all the embroidery was finished for my forehead cloth so all I had left to do was put it together. In the end I decided not to do any fill stitches and just go with the outline because a large portion of it would be under my coif most of the time anyway.

This weekend I assembled my forehead cloth and wore it for the first time.  It’s very cute and I should have the pictures up this evening.

More than anything I think this project has taught me a small modicum of patience. Patience is not really a virtue that I possess in abundance (or really at all). I’m better than I was at 5 or 6 but really who isn’t. In the grand scheme of things though I’m not particularly patient nor do I like having to soldier through finishing one project before getting to start on one I’m much more excited about.

And that’s kind of how I felt about this forehead cloth. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a cute project and one I’ve really enjoyed doing. Plus it gave me a change to get my embroidery back in practice before really starting my jacket. But once I had really begun transferring the jacket design working on it was all I could think about. It’s all I really wanted to do. But I had promised myself that I would finish my forehead cloth before really getting started on the jacket and I needed to follow through with that if I didn’t want my poor little forehead cloth to wind up in the bottom of some unfinished project pile like all the mending I keep saying I’m going to get to. I started this project because it was small, quick, would get me back into “stitching shape” for my jacket, and with the bangs I needed something to cover them when I wanted to wear a gown and didn’t feel like frizzing them.

I know you are all thinking that I didn’t actually finish the forehead cloth before starting my jacket because I have now transferred most of the design and I’ve also embroidered one of the motifs. Honestly though, given full rein I would have been much further along with my sleeves by now and I wouldn’t have worked on anything else all weekend. It would have been me, the jacket, and instant Netflix movies all weekend.

Considering all that I feel pretty good. And now I can work on my jacket and my gown for our anniversary party without feeling that I should be doing anything else.

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