I’m exceptionally pleased with myself.

I’ve replaced my old Gallery 2 gallery with a JoomGallery that is incorporated into my site and looks so much nicer than the old one. Those of you who are actually good with computers with probably think this I’m very silly for being so excited but that’s ok. 🙂 This now means that I can fully devote my attentions to finishing putting my pictures up. I’ll need to redo the few galleries I had gotten back up but I don’t really mind. I really am much happier with the look of the new gallery. The old was ok and Gallery 2 had served me well for quite many years but it just never seemed to fit with my new site layout. While having to move my site has been a bit of a pain it has been a really great catalyst for getting me off my bum and making me finish doing all the things that I had intended to do. There are no more bits of the old site cluttering up my web space and everything just looks and feels so much more integrated and cohesive.

In other news I got work done on several of my projects over the weekend. I got together with friends Friday evening and Saturday for some sewing fun. We had a blast and everyone got something done. I’ve patterned the bodice lining for my 18th Century gown and finished my pocket hoops so I can finish patterning the outer bodice and skirt. I finished futzing with the layout of the embroidery design for my jacket however I’ve decided that I will need enlarge it after all so that I don’t have to move the pattern around when I transfer it to my fabric. So it will need to go to Kinko’s after all since I think I will need at least another repeat of the design. I should be able to get out to Kinko’s sometime this week if not this weekend so it’s not so bad. I also got some work done on the embroidery for my forehead cloth. Not a whole lot, but some and every little bit done is a little less I have left to do. 🙂

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