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Things are now, finally, pretty much back up. I’m still working on uploading pictures back into my gallery and some of my project write ups are on hold until I can get those pictures up. But I’m hoping to have finished uploading them by the end of the week so I can finally have my page back to normal.

I do have some new features to my site up and running. You can now comment on articles and projects and my Google calendar is now integrated into the site. To view my SCA activities simply click on the little blue arrow above the calendar and select “Rosalind Delamere”. You can also now subscribe to my website via RSS feed or email to receive updates on projects and new additions to the site. Just select the subscription icon at the top of the page and select your favorite method.

Now that my site is 90% back up I finally have some time to work on projects…which is pretty much how I spent my weekend.

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