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Thinking about starting a website or a blog? Are all your friends doing it and now you’re starting to feel left out?

Having a personal website is becoming more and more popular these days, especially within communities like the SCA. Not so long ago it seemed like you were in the minority if you had your own little virtual homestead. But in just a few short years personal sites have exploded thanks the availability of inexpensive and free hosting services.

Having a website creates a wonderful opportunity for artisans, fighters, and service folks alike. When you have a website you have a 24/7 display for your current and past projects, your plans for the future, and even a place to host video tutorials and footage of recent practices. Websites and blogs have also fostered virtual communities that provide people a place to connect with like minded individuals and share resources and knowledge. Maybe you are the only person in your area currently working on late 1520’s French clothing. But you have a blog and a website and pretty soon you’ve met 9 or 10 other people indifferent areas of the country and the world that are working on the very same thing you are. Now you aren’t just one person working on this subject anymore. You’re 10 working on building the knowledge base on this area of historical clothing, 10 people who can share resources and theories on construction. Maybe you aren’t the only artisan working on a specific subject in your area but maybe you can’t travel as much as you like or you just don’t like competitions and displays but you still want to share your work and research. A website or blog is a great way to do that.

If you are currently considering starting your own website I say go for it! Sure, there is a bit of work involved with keeping them up-to-date and you will probably want to go through periodically and reorganize and revamp things but I think the benefits far outweigh the extra work.

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